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Nivea, known for their focus on natural beauty, works with ETC’s Tara Moore on their latest beauty campaign with a social media twist.







Recently, we’ve been posting some interesting campaign news from Tara Moore and we wanted to share a little more about Tara, the photographer, and her inspirations.   We’re very excited to have her on board.

Tara has genuine breadth and strength across a number of fields;  including sports, lifestyle, kids and concept.  Her style of shooting is fresh and unique, and revolves around a fascination with colour, impact and urban society.  From capturing an athlete in collision with water, to the second a child expresses that moment of surprise, her goal is to show the most fleeting yet profound moments in time.

Tara Moore


Jahil Okafor is the consensus top overall recruit in the country, following a long tradition of high school basketball players out of Chicago.  He decided to pick Duke over other top schools like Kansas and Kentucky.


He’s expected to be one and done, and declare for the NBA draft after his freshman season.  Most scouts see him as a lottery pick, if not the #1 overall and Taylor Castle was there to capture this feature story!   Enjoy!

Recently, ETC’s Thomas Chadwick got to shoot with some top-tier creatives at Grey Worldwide on a campaign for AARP.   This is just a small sample of what is to come.

ThomasChadwick_AARP1_Real Possibilities

Taylor Castle got the chance to shoot Nate Robinson of the Chicago Bulls for ESPN.

castle espn

New sports work from Thomas Chadwick.

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