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Nivea, known for their focus on natural beauty, works with ETC’s Tara Moore on their latest beauty campaign with a social media twist.







Sometimes our artists hear our cries for better weather – and send us imagery that helps make us feel better.   Tara – thanks for the reminder that the light will come again!    It’s been one hell of a week!  s



Recently, we’ve been posting some interesting campaign news from Tara Moore and we wanted to share a little more about Tara, the photographer, and her inspirations.   We’re very excited to have her on board.

Tara has genuine breadth and strength across a number of fields;  including sports, lifestyle, kids and concept.  Her style of shooting is fresh and unique, and revolves around a fascination with colour, impact and urban society.  From capturing an athlete in collision with water, to the second a child expresses that moment of surprise, her goal is to show the most fleeting yet profound moments in time.

Tara Moore


New sports work from Thomas Chadwick.

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One of photographer Brian Steege’s gifts is finding those moments that resonate most with real families.  So we weren’t surprised when Possibility Wordwide wanted to collaborate with him on this new series to help tell the stories of what “real moms” would do in a kids “smelly crisis” … The result is this smart advertisement for Febreeze!    Great job Brian!

PWW Febreze