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We are pleased to announce the first ad in a campaign series shot by Clayton Hauck and produced by ETC Productions, for Doritos.   The campaign was shot in Brooklyn, NY and will be rolled out globally, this year.    We’re excited to share it with you.  Many thanks to our cast and crew!  Special thanks to Newheart O’hanian – stylist, Moani Lee + team for make-up/hair, Philip Pavliger for his production prowess, and Joe Lombardo for casting the campaign.



Recently, we’ve been posting some interesting campaign news from Tara Moore and we wanted to share a little more about Tara, the photographer, and her inspirations.   We’re very excited to have her on board.

Tara has genuine breadth and strength across a number of fields;  including sports, lifestyle, kids and concept.  Her style of shooting is fresh and unique, and revolves around a fascination with colour, impact and urban society.  From capturing an athlete in collision with water, to the second a child expresses that moment of surprise, her goal is to show the most fleeting yet profound moments in time.

Tara Moore


We thought we might update you on some of the freshest work by ETC Photographer Iain Bagwell.  Here’s what he has been up to in recent weeks!

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Jahil Okafor is the consensus top overall recruit in the country, following a long tradition of high school basketball players out of Chicago.  He decided to pick Duke over other top schools like Kansas and Kentucky.


He’s expected to be one and done, and declare for the NBA draft after his freshman season.  Most scouts see him as a lottery pick, if not the #1 overall and Taylor Castle was there to capture this feature story!   Enjoy!

Adrian Armstrong for Kraken Rum

Adrian Armstrong – Kraken Rum Bottle – personal work

Recently, ETC’s Adrian Armstrong submitted his work to Applied Arts Magazine – one of the most referenced industry visual communication magazine’s in Canada.  We are proud to announce that he won the distinct honor of being featured on it’s cover for their recent May/June issue for his personal work featuring the Kraken Rum bottle.

The May/June 2013 issue of Applied Arts Magazine features the winners of our Photography & Illustration Awards, as judged by our senior panel of creative directors, designers and art directors from across Canada and the United States. Boasting one of the strongest paricipations yet, the issue is a stunning record of some of the most compelling imagery created in Canada and internationally. A true keepsake.Our main feature, “Making the Best Quest List,” looks at what it takes to get a paying gig in the rapidly expanding video-game industry. We profile Jam3, a Toronto digital agency relying on experimentation with new technologies and R&D to become a rising creative force. The Split Run portfolio, Montreal photographer and video maker John Londono, has made a name for himself by following his passions instead of a well-mapped career path. In Career Shift we offer Rick Buceta, who left his job as a successful advertising art director to open his own brewery in Queens, New York.

And again, the issue features another Layar of content. Layar specializes in mobile augmented reality, making the print world clickable. We’ve applied Layar technology to select pages in this issue of Applied Arts. Wherever you see the Layar logo, simply pass your mobile device or tablet (with the free app) over the page to check out the expanded digital content.

Single copies of the issue are available for purchase. Please contact Anna Brown at for more details.


ETC Photographer Clint Blowers collaborated with a team of creatives recently on this campaign for Wet Ones.   Great job to all for their contribution to this  project!

Agency: Grey Worldwide

Photographer: Clint Blowers

VP Creative Director: Rob Perillo

Art Director: Corel Theuma 



Clint Blowers - Wet Ones ClintBlowersWetOnesETC02 ClintBlowersWetOnesETC03