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Feels wrong … tastes right!

Ice Your Beer Campaign Billboards

Ice Your Beer Campaign Billboards

Nivea, known for their focus on natural beauty, works with ETC’s Tara Moore on their latest beauty campaign with a social media twist.







Sometimes our artists hear our cries for better weather – and send us imagery that helps make us feel better.   Tara – thanks for the reminder that the light will come again!    It’s been one hell of a week!  s



We are pleased to announce the first ad in a campaign series shot by Clayton Hauck and produced by ETC Productions, for Doritos.   The campaign was shot in Brooklyn, NY and will be rolled out globally, this year.    We’re excited to share it with you.  Many thanks to our cast and crew!  Special thanks to Newheart O’hanian – stylist, Moani Lee + team for make-up/hair, Philip Pavliger for his production prowess, and Joe Lombardo for casting the campaign.


There is always so much that goes into creating our Workbook spreads- so we love to show them off. THOMAS02 THOMAS01 CLAYTON IAIN ETC CLINT CLAYTON BRIAN ADRIAN AARON